Ørretboms - med fluefiske som livsstil

Orginalfilmen fra 2004

Utsolgt/Sold out

Ørretboms 2 - Kodeknekker'n

Oppfølgeren til originalfilmen fra 2004 - Ørretboms.

Ørretboms 3 - Island

Det store fluefiskeeventyret på Island. Et uoppdaget land for en ørretfisker...

Ørretboms 4 - Jurassic Lake

I den første filmen noensinne fra Jurassic Lake får du se et fantastisk miljø og fluefiske.

Buy Micro Polychenille for the summer rising trout

André Brun's Micro Polychenille

Really. The bottom line that matters when it comes to dry flies is that the brown trout decide to rise to the imitation we present. 
And I have got so many feedbacks from more and more flyfishers who tie their flies with the Micro Polychenille.

The first year this material was available, very few new about it. Then the word spread, and now I am getting orders from all over the world. Of course, the Polychenille is most known in Norway and Sweden and most of the flyfishers who order comes from these countries, but every week I get orders from all over the world. From USA, France, UK, New Zealand and Argentina to mention some. And it works. Great. For brown trout.
- Easy to taper with a lighter 
- Makes your flies float better than most. 
- Catches spooky difficult and large brown trout 
And it is fast to tie nice realistic bodies

What can I say, other than that I am using Micro Polychenille flies as my first fly every time I see a trout rises to mayfly duns. And the only reason we do that is that it works so well. The most important is that the fly fishes well. The rest is bonus.

If you'd like, buy the AB's Polychenille and AB's Micro Polychenille in the web shop. And it is proven colors.















André Brun Micro Polychenille Dun (aurivillii)


André Brun Polychenille Danica

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