Ørretboms - med fluefiske som livsstil

Orginalfilmen fra 2004

Utsolgt/Sold out

Ørretboms 2 - Kodeknekker'n

Oppfølgeren til originalfilmen fra 2004 - Ørretboms.

Ørretboms 3 - Island

Det store fluefiskeeventyret på Island. Et uoppdaget land for en ørretfisker...

Ørretboms 4 - Jurassic Lake

I den første filmen noensinne fra Jurassic Lake får du se et fantastisk miljø og fluefiske.

Film Clip: Testing the new Loop Evotec 696 MF


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It is always good news when Loop adds something new to the flyfishing industry. And now the Evotec rods. If you liked the Grey Line series, which almost everyone did, you are in for another nice suprise when it comes to the Evotec and Opti Stream rods. Read on.

I have been testing the Loop Evotec rods well during the 2010 season, and the Opti Stream rods for years, and frankly this is the best rods I have ever fished with. And with my 100 fishing days a season that says something, I think. I have fished with a lot of different rods through the years, and tried and casted even more. And these rods have become my favourites because they throw the finest, longest underhand casts you have ever done, throw extremely precise overhand casts and at the same time, works great for short delicate casting at rising trouts up close.

And the x-grip handle on the Evotec rods? It has made my flycasting even more stable than it ever was. In fact, I have never performed so precise straight lines ever. Period. Do I like it? Of course. Just try for yourselves, guys. A nice advantage both at underhand and overhand casting.

The LOOP Evotec 696 MF (#6 – 9’6″) is just about the ideal streamer rod for brown trout fishing. Perfectly medium deep action that is made to perform beautifully at long and short underhand casting/spey situations.  And when you change to overhand casting, the rod never gives up here either, and delivers tight loops without vibrations at all. Effortlessly! In any situation. And these things is what make this a great flyfishing rod day in and day out. It performs so well in technical casting situations, and at the same time, it is more forgiving than a good fishing buddy. A true fishing rod, in my opinion. A perfect match for long/ very long underhand casting is the Loop Opti Stillwater #6 line. For short, medium and long underhand casting in tight spots the Loop Opti Stream #6 line performs perfectly. For overhand casting the Opti Stillwater #6 is about as perfect as it gets.

I just have to compare the new Evotec 696 MF to one of my other favourite streamer rods, the Opti Stream 693. The Opti Stream has a little deeper action curve. And this rod, too, performs so beautifully at short, medium to long distances and is praised all over the world for its great flexibility at both underhand and overhand casting. They are both exact #6 rods when it comes to CCS and works great with the mentioned lines.

The Evotec rods are priced a little lower than the Opti Series, so Loop has created another true winner with this new rod series.

Reel recommendations for the Evotec 696 MF: The Loop Opti Runner is a perfect match for the Evotec 696 MF. Perfect balance. But even the Loop Classic 58, which in my opinion is a little on the heavy side for the Opti Stream 693 rod, matches the Evotec 696 MF very good! The Loop Multi 3/6 reel also works very good with this rod.


Loop Evotec 590 MF TESTThe LOOP Evotec 590 MF is quite a suprise, or actually it is not a suprise, but a perfect add-on to the rest of the Loop rod range. It probably has a little higher ERN than the Opti Stream 590 rod, which is perfect when you want a versatile underhand and overhand casting rod for close to medium/long distances (Then it performs better than any other #5 rod on the market in my opinion - so deep, so sensitive and so precise). So when you have to go that extra lenght underhand casting, the Evotec 590 MF really shines. And I meen really shines! It has the ‘wow’ factor when it comes to underhand casting both with the lines Opti Stillwater and Opti Stream.

NOTE: When you have tight bushes and trees behind you, it is better to go for the #5 Opti Stream line with this rod, because loading the Evotec 590 MF rod with a #5 Opti Stillwater line just takes a little more space behind you than with the Opti Stream #5 rod, due to the nature of the Evotec rod. It works like hell and the horizon is the limit when you have a little space behind you, but for the tight fishing spots, go for the Opti Stream line.  That is a beautiful line that will load just about perfect. And if you are an advanced caster, this combo will almost bring tears to your eyes when it comes to underhand casting. Try it. The Opti Stream 590 rod loads a little quicker and loads even the #5 Opti Stillwater line a little quicker in tight spots.

Reel recommendations for the Evotec 590 MF: The Loop Opti Dryfly is the perfect match for the Evotec 590 MF. Even the Evotec G4 FW 4-6 and 5-7, and the Loop Multi Light 3/6 will balance just perfect.


Loop Evotec 490 MF testThe LOOP Evotec 490 MF has been my favourite dryfly and light nymphing rod all of 2010. But hey, I am a #4-rod-kind-of-guy. Others who fish as mush as me may prefer the Evotec 590 MF if they like a “5″ for their general fishing, or normally fish larger rivers. Anyway. The Evotec 490 MF is my absolute favourite, and I am looking forward to fish with it every time. The 490 MF is a little deeper in design than the Evotec 590 MF, visely done. And offers tremendous control at all distances, both when it comes to underhand and overhand casting. This is a true magic wand when it comes to difficult fishing situations with relatively light gear and extremely long leaders for brown trout. Even this rod has got the greatest reviews in magazines. And it truly deserves it aswell. Everyone who has tried this rod with a Opti Stillwater flyline is a little shocked by the great underhand casting capabilities. It is a perfect match. And not to mention the overhand casting with the Stillwater line/490 MF rod combo. So effortlessly, with no vibrations and just perfect tight, precise loops. Anywhere you want the fly to land. We can’t ask for more. Just perfect tight loops.

Reel recommendations for the Loop Evotec 490 MF: Loop Opti Dryfly reels is my preferred reel for this rod. Others which will work just as perfect: Loop Evotec G4 FW 3-5Loop Multi Light 3/6Loop CLW2-6.


André Brun with the Evotec 490 MF rod and a nice brown trout

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