Ørretboms - med fluefiske som livsstil

Orginalfilmen fra 2004

Utsolgt/Sold out

Ørretboms 2 - Kodeknekker'n

Oppfølgeren til originalfilmen fra 2004 - Ørretboms.

Ørretboms 3 - Island

Det store fluefiskeeventyret på Island. Et uoppdaget land for en ørretfisker...

Ørretboms 4 - Jurassic Lake

I den første filmen noensinne fra Jurassic Lake får du se et fantastisk miljø og fluefiske.

Russland 2013





This has been a fantastic week in many ways. 
Fishing with a very nice group of flyfishers, I've met some life-long friends during this week. We've had a great time together; fishing a lot, but also laughing a lot. A lot. Telling stories, and recapitulating todays happenings into the late hours. Every day. Having a good time in between all the fishing, is also a good part of a great flyfishing experience. That said: We caught 42 brown trouts passing 1 kilo. Many of them between 2.0-2.8 kg. Largest brown trout 3.1 kg. Of course, all wild fish. Fantastic in every sense. Fantastic.



Running Pool, Litza. Very low water level in week 29, as you can see, but the temperature seemed perfect, with 11-13 degrees Celsius in the water. The B.rhodani/E.aurivillii hatches (and even spinner falls) were probably finished when we arrived in week 29 though, which is unusual at this time of the year, and most of the fish seemed to have migrated into the deep pools. But the pockets and deep runs produced fantastic fishing even at the lowest water level. We worked hard. And got paid. (Photo: André Brun)



We worked hard and got paid. Are Wivestad managed 6 huge brown trouts one of the days.



Atle fished hard, and got some very nice ones during the week. (Photo: André Brun)



Late night gathering in the camp. Are, Atle and Jan. (Photo: André Brun)



A huge brown has taken Jan's fly. (Photo: André Brun)



3.1 kilo



This is one of the browns he caught here. Not Jan's biggest fish, but one of the best photos. Jan caught several bigger. A very good flyfisher. (Photo: André Brun)



A large brown trout has been landed. God on you mate! 
Jan and Geir. (Photo: André Brun)



Andre is pushing the limits, and Sverre is ready to net the big brown! Rio FC+ 0,15mm works like hell :-) (Photo: Jan Haukaas.)



Beeing a pack of 2-3 flyfishers, and fishing one at a time, is very fun. 
It's not the most productive way of fishing, if you count fish by numbers. But so much fun :-) 
Jan and André. (Photo: Sverre Foldal).



Sverre shows how to fool a big brown down in the riffles. (Photo: André Brun)



His favourite stretch became "Svingen". And we all agree - that was a nice and difficult place for the big browns. And 'difficult' was a thing we all appreaciated. (Photo: André Brun)



Geir has chought his brown trout of a lifetime. Look at the height of this fish! Amazing. 
(Photo: Atle Gjertsen).



Cheers, mate! Every morning, Jan and Atle started with a pre-breakfast Underberger :-) Why not - a good day ahead in the land of the big browns :-) 
From left: Sverre, Jan, Atle & Are. (Photo: Geir Krovoll).



André and Igor - our Russian cook. (Photo: Geir Krovoll).



Igor is cooking some good meat for us. Planned gathering at 23.00 this night. And just about every night from now on.



Igor forced me to draw a Mayfly on every one of his big blue boxes. 
- Ok, I'll do that if you promise to join me next year, Igor :-)

THE MAYFLY - A SHORT FILM: https://vimeo.com/64320140



Having a good time! I have travelled many places, first times here at the Kola Penninsula was in 1997 and 2001, but this is the best trip ever! And the best gang ever! :-)




As a hunter aswell, it was nice to see the abundance of grouse. 5-6 chickens is a mediocre+ spring result. Very nice to see. You see the yearling on top of the stone, and the mother in between the stones. (Photo: André Brun)



- Get ready! Cover your gear and don't look at the heli with sunglasses on, they'll get scratches :-) The heli is on it's way. Always a rush when that big Russian helicopter is incoming :-) This was the same week when those two British flyfishers and a Russian guide were killed in a helicopter accident at the very same place. A Eurocopter, and not the big ones we are using. (Photo: André Brun)

A pit stop to pick up the russian cook at the main camp :-)



(Photo: André Brun)



Are and Atle is ready for a journey into the wild. Are, to the left, is an experienced hunter and climber aswell, so Himalaya climbing and West Coast Deer hunting is a part of him. Now, Kola Brown Trout :-) New experiences. (Photo: André Brun)





During an hour heli-flight all in all, we passed so many of these non-fished waters, that it made us all wanting to spend a decade here, investigating the waters… ;-)

Look at that stream - probably not fished by man for decades, if ever :-) (Photo: André Brun)



And when the helicopter sound faded in the horizon, it was all us and the silence. 
The good silence. (Photo: André Brun)



Have you ever tried opening a beer can WHILE you are playing a 5 lbs wild brown trout? Well, me and Jan had to try :-) (Photo: Jan Haukaas).



Jan with one of those very big browns :-)  (Photo: André Brun)



Are W. with a huge brown :-)  (Photo: André Brun)



Nice colours :-) (Photo: Jan Haukaas).



Pina at low water level. Atle, Jan and Are are talking flyfishing before breakfast :-) Good times :-)  (Photo: André Brun)



Mr. Wivestad in action. We headed out for an expediton one of the days. And what a thrill :-)



Nice fish :-)

(Photo: Geir Krovoll)



The beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and everyone else when it comes to wild browns like this, I guess :-)

(Photo: Geir Krovoll).



A selfie by Are - a good looking trout, just look at the colourings :-) Perfect. Amazing.



A little different in colours and spots - from another stream, but still a beauty.

(Photo: André Brun)



Prepearing for a rising trout :-)

(Photo: Jan Haukaas).



Ohhh... :-)

(Photo: Jan Haukaas).




The best light for photos are found during dusk and dawn ;-)

(Photo: André Brun)



(Photo: André Brun)

(Photo: André Brun)

(Photo: Jan Haukaas)